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Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing Model

Thank you for your interest in our flagship product, the ICPR Stormwater Modeling System.  ICPR has been in use for more than 25 years and was the first commercial program of its kind to successfully solve the problem of flood routing through complex networks of interconnected and hydraulically interdependent stormwater ponds.  The model has been expanded greatly since those early days and now includes hydrodynamic modeling of channel and pipe systems and a fully integrated hydrology component. 

The three primary building blocks in ICPR are Basins, Nodes and Links.  Stormwater runoff hydrographs are generated for basins and then assigned to nodes in the drainage network.  Nodes are used to represent ponds and specific locations in the drainage network such as along channels, streams, rivers, and junctions in pipe systems.  Stages are calculated at each of the nodes and links such as pipes, channel segments, weirs, and bridges are used to connect nodes together.  Flow rates are calculated for links based on stages at nodes.  

Examples of the Link-Node concept used in ICPR can be viewed by clicking on each of the thumbnails shown below.



    Interconnected Ponds        Channel System           Sediment Trap


Typical Applications

  • Detention Pond Design

  • Stormwater Management Master Plans

  • Flood Plain Investigations

  • Flood Insurance Studies and Related Investigations

  • H&H Studies Related to Wetlands Restoration

  • Stormwater Retrofits

  • Analysis of Offline Storage and Levee Systems

  • Design and Analysis of Stormwater Pump Stations

  • Roadway Drainage Systems

  • Airport Drainage Design


A fully integrated groundwater - surface interface for ICPR.

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Product Features 

and Capabilities

ICPR includes a long list of Features and Capabilities that allow modeling of all types of stormwater systems, from the simplest to the most complex.


To learn more about how ICPR can be applied to a wide variety of applications, be sure to visit our Modeling Tips section.  


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FEMA Approved

ICPR is an engineering software tool, designed to tackle the toughest stormwater management projects you might encounter in today’s complex permitting environment. ICPR enjoys a large customer base of engineering firms and regulatory agencies worldwide.  It is listed with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a Nationally Accepted Hydraulic Model and is applicable to almost any type of terrain. 

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