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Technical and Model Support

  • Technical Support for ICPR 3 will be discontinued effective July 1, 2016. We are moving to ICPR 4 (now available), our next generation of ICPR. 

  • New Hardlock Drivers: Some recent Microsoft Windows updates for Windows 8 (released by Microsoft in December 2013) have rendered new installs of older hardlock drivers unusable.  Click here to download the latest drivers.  Save the file to your computer (and as always, scan for viruses) and then double click the *.exe file to install the new drivers.

  • Installing from an old CD and having problems? Having other installation problems?  contact us

  • WinHlp32:  A Windows 8 Update released in December 2014 no longer supports the standard Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe).  Consequently, the help system in ICPR will not function with Windows 8. For now, the help system functions in earlier versions of Windows, but WinHlp32 must be installed.  Here is a link for downloading and installing WinHlp32.


    All instructions have been written by Microsoft and must be carefully understood and followed.  If in doubt on installing WinHlp32, please contact your IT department/specialist.

  • Checking for Updates: If you are currently using the Windows version of ICPR, it is highly recommended that you download the latest version of the model to insure that you have any new features that might have been added since your purchase.  To check for the latest updates, open ICPR while online and click the "Check for Updates" option under Help as shown below:

  • Network Lock Issues: Network locks are no longer sold due to incompatibility issues with newer network systems.

If you still have a network lock and are having problems with it on a server, download the following driver and install it on the server machine:



If you need to re-install ICPR on a work station, contact us and we will send you a private installation link.

  • Conflicts with Other Hardlocks: If you are using programs other than ICPR that require a hardlock, please insure that you have installed the latest drivers for them.  Contact us if you have any other problems with ICPR related to installation.

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Technical and Model

Support Questions

If your firm has signed up for our annual technical and model support plan, send us your questions. If you are having difficulties with a specific model, zip up only your "input" file (i.e., the *.icp file) and attach it to your email with a description of your problem and your serial number. We will normally reply via email after reviewing your data set, but include a phone number and company name in case we find it necessary to call.


Technical Support Questions 


If your firm has not signed up for our annual technical and model support plan, there will be a charge.  For details on the charges or to find out if you are already signed up for the annual plan, send us a note with your serial number and company name.


Analyzing ICPR's Mass 

Balance Report

Download a PDF explaining how to review and analyze ICPR's Mass Balance Report. 



Setting Stability Criteria 


Download a PDF explaining how to establish stability criteria in ICPR including computational time steps and change in stage criteria. 


WSPRO Manuals

WSPRO Manuals (6+MB) are available for those of you who are interested.