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User Showcase  

Discoveries: An internet search for applications of ICPR revealed some interesting discoveries.  Below is a list of 10 projects where ICPR has been used as the principle H&H model.  The applications vary greatly in both type and geographic location.  Links to various documents and pages are included (simply click the thumbnails).  Most of these are direct links to websites maintained by others.  In a few cases, when downloading is more convenient and when the particular document is in the public domain, a pdf has been included on our site.



Lake Hancock Lake Level Modification Preliminary Evaluation. Prepared for the Southwest Florida Water Management District by BCI Engineers & Scientists, Inc. (January 2005)

158 sq.mi. watershed located in Polk County, Florida.  ICPR was used to evaluate flooding potential throughout the watershed based on proposed lake level modifications.

Pond and Mitigation Siting Report Capital Circle NW/SW (SR 263). Prepared for Blueprint 2000 and the Florida Department of Transportation by H.W. Lochner, Inc. (August 2006)

Proposed reconstruction of 2.9 miles of existing arterial roadway to multi-lane urban section in Tallahassee, Florida.  ICPR was used for H&H analysis associated with pond design and sizing.

South Lubbock Drainage Improvements Project.  The City of Lubbock, Texas is the project owner.  Parkhill, Smith and Cooper teamed with another local firm, Hugo Reed & Associates, for the design and modeling processes. (Construction est. to be completed in 2008)

Package Number 1 of this project includes an 11 sq. mi. drainage area with 12 playa lakes.  Approx. 12 miles of main trunk line is being constructed with pipe sizes of 54" and as deep as 54 feet.  The system was modeled using ICPR.

Stevenson Creek Watershed Management Plan Final Report.  A cooperative agreement between the City of Clearwater and the Southwest Florida Water Management District.  Investigation and report prepared by Parsons. (October 2001)

The Stevenson Creek Watershed is approx. 6,000 acres in size with 80% of it inside the Clearwater city limits.  ICPR was used for all H&H modeling associated with the project including identifying flooding problems and evaluating alternative solutions.

Lockwood Folly Storm Water Master Plan.  Prepared for the Lockwood Folly Property Owner's Association by HDR Engineering, Inc. of the Carolinas. This project is located in Brunswick County, North Carolina. 

Lockwood Folly is a 500-acre gated golf course community.  The storm water master plan developed by HDR included identifying potential existing and future inadequacies and corrective actions.  ICPR was used for all H&H modeling of this system.

North Springs Improvement District (NSID) Task 4: Feasibility Level Evaluation of Alternatives. Prepared for the South Florida Water Management District by Ecology & Environment, Inc. The project is 7,400 acres in size and is located in western Broward County, Florida. (March 2004)

The NSID is a hydrologic tributary basin to the Everglades Protection Area. This investigation addresses the feasibility of incorporating a 400-acre storage reservoir to limit discharges to 35 cfs per sq.mi. ICPR was used for all H&H work on this project. 

Seminole County, Florida Watershed Basin Studies.  Approximately a dozen major watershed basin studies have been conducted by various consultants over a 15-year period on behalf of Seminole County.  

ICPR was used for all H&H modeling associated with these projects.

Hydrologic-Hydraulic Study for Isabella Ocean Residences.  Prepared by Gregory L. Morris Engineering, San Juan, Puerto Rico (October 2004)

This small (less than 1 acre) commercial site is included to illustrate how ICPR is also used on the smallest of projects.  Detention storage tanks are used in this project to attenuate peak runoff rates.

Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank - Hydrologic Restoration Plan.  Prepared for The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and The St. Joe Company by WilsonMiller, Inc. Project is located north of Panama City, Florida (February 2004)

As part of an Ecosystem Management Agreement (EMA) with FDEP, the St. Joe Company agreed to restore almost 5,000 acres of wetlands called the Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank.  ICPR was used for the H&H calculations to support the restoration plan.

Nestlé Waters North America Inc. Environmental Impact Report / Environmental Assessment - Siskiyou County, California. (July 2006)

Nestlé has proposed to construct a spring water bottling facility in northern California.  As part of an environmental assessment, ICPR was used for stormwater runoff computations associated with the proposed facility.  Refer to Section 3.9 of the report.