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Chesterfield Valley Final Conditions Stormwater Analysis

Chesterfield Valley is a levee protected community of approximately 4,500 acres inside the corporate limits of the City of Chesterfield.  Levee protected areas are considered "Special Flood Hazard Area" (SFHA) by the federal government and development within the SFHA must comply with local floodplain management ordinances.  Local ordinances must in turn meet minimum Federal standards.  The City of Chesterfield elected to use ICPR as its final storm drainage model of the Chesterfield Valley to assist in qualifying for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  ICPR is listed as a nationally approved hydraulic model by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) who administer the NFIP.


The objective of this investigation is to determine the flood elevations throughout Chesterfield Valley for a 100-year rainfall event for existing conditions and to prepare a drainage master plan to accommodate fully developed, future condition build-out according to the City's Adopted Comprehensive Master Plan.  This adopted comprehensive flood management plan serves as a tool in the Chesterfield Valley Storm Water Ordinance to reduce future flood risks safely and with sound floodplain management, a requirement of the National Flood Insurance Program.


The ICPR model will be updated regularly to reflect changes in the watershed.



Project Location

The City of Chesterfield is located in Missouri 22 miles west of St. Louis.  Chesterfield Valley is situated along the south side of the Missouri River.  


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Contact Information

For more information on this project, please contact Kimberly McMahan with the City of Chesterfield.  



Source: City of Chesterfield